Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

co-occurring disord
What is Co-occurring Disorder Treatment?

A co-occurring disorder is wording that is commonly used in the treatment field of substance abuse and addiction. By definition a co-occurring disorder is when a patient suffers from both a mental illness and a problematic substance abuse/addiction condition. This can also be referred to as dual diagnosis.

Silicon Beach Outpatient Center specializes in co-occurring disorder treatment. There are many mental health disorders that co-occur with substance abuse:

Recent statistics show that 37% of individuals that suffer from alcoholism, and 53% of those in active addiction suffer from at least one mental illness. Statistics also show that almost one third of those suffering from mental illness also struggle with drug or alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction generally happen when an individual who suffers from a mental illness begins to “self medicate” with drugs or alcohol. Many of those who suffer from an addiction disorder see drugs and alcohol as a way to ease their mental disorders. This usually goes unnoticed until the drug and alcohol has already damaged their life. If you or a loved one has been experiencing these issues; professional treatment is needed as soon as possible.

Treatment for a Co-occurring Disorder and Why It Is So Important:

It is crucial to treat these co-occurring disorders at the same time, because both disorders play off of each other. Often when dealing with a dual diagnosis, it can be difficult to see which behavior is caused by which disorder. Patients with a co-occurring disorder are often known to relapse because their mental illness was overlooked in previous treatment. Choosing a reliable treatment center and program is an important decision, it can determine your success in recovery.

co-occuring disorder

Recovery from a Co-occurring Disorder

At Silicon Beach Outpatient Center we have successfully treated many patients suffering with a dual diagnosis with our intensive outpatient co-occurring disorder treatment. With our individualized treatment plans, we know from day one, which patients fall into the dual diagnosis category.

We have a variety of co-occurring disorder treatments that are taught by our highly trained therapists and clinicians. Some of our dual diagnosis therapies include: 12-Step, Trauma, Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral, as well as Individual and Group Therapy Sessions.

With the proper treatment and therapy we know that our patients can gain their freedom back from addiction and mental health disorders. To contact Silicon Beach Outpatient Center call us at 310.846.8215, we are here for you anytime of day.