Trauma Therapy

trauma therapyTrauma Therapy at Silicon Beach Outpatient

At Silicon Beach Outpatient we follow the belief that addiction and trauma go hand in hand. Trauma by definition is en emotional response to a significant negative event which makes a person unable to move on and live a normal life. Many people with an alcohol or drug addiction have a history of trauma in their life. Trauma can have a severe impact on an individuals life, whether it happened once or occurred repeatedly over an extended period of time.

Common forms of trauma include:

  • Horrible accident
  • Death of a loved on
  • Sexual molestation
  • Near death of a loved one
  • Near death of self
  • Rape
  • Natural disaster
  • Military combat
  • Domestic abuse
  • Poverty

Events likely to lead to emotional or psychological trauma are:

  • An event that happened repeatedly
  • An event that happened unexpectedly
  • An event that occurred during childhood
  • An event that an individual felt powerless to prevent

A person wtrauma therapy and addictionho has suffered from trauma will often turn to using alcohol or drugs. The use of alcohol or drugs will not take the pain away from any trauma that a person has experienced. Over time the substances used will no nothing but increase the pain and should not be used as a coping mechanism.

At Silicon Beach Outpatient, our therapists will help patients to learn the right ways to cope with trauma and pain. As part of trauma therapy available at our outpatient facility, patients will work one on one with therapists and in group settings while learning a variety of ways to manage their trauma therapies.

For more information about Silicon Beach Outpatient and our trauma therapy program please call 844.415.8198.